Software Engineer

Company Name:
Cornerstone Staffing & Recruiting
As a Software Engineer, you will be required to balance interpersonal communication with technical mastery. The Software Engineer is expected to be skilled with interpersonal communication in order to gather requirements, identify customer needs, and communicate project statuses and needs to customers. This must be balanced with an ability to use multiple technical communication types to gather electronic data, manipulate that data via Microsoft Visual Basic technologies to format the data for carrier consumption and execute customer business rules. The Software Engineer should also have a level of discipline that will encourage the implementation of best practices around the unique requirements for each customer.

Languages and Techniques
Visual Basic .NET
Visual Basic Script
Microsoft SQL
String manipulation
XML, XSL, and XPath
Must be comfortable troubleshooting to find root cause by isolating variable factors in an integrated system of software components
Knowledge of peripheral devices used in an automated shipping facility, including scales, printers, and scanners a plus
Experience in warehouse or distribution center automation a plus
String over TCP/IP

Don't Be Fooled

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